Grace the Cove Dragon (Dragon Girls #10)

Written by:
Maddy Mara
Narrated by:
Shannon Tyo

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
1 hour 23 minutes
A super series that celebrates the inner fire of everyday girls!

Grace, Zoe, and Sofia share an incredible secret. They can transform into powerful Sea Dragons when they travel to the Magic Forest! Each of the girls has a deep love of the water. Grace is a skilled swimmer, Zoe is an avid surfer, and Sofia is an experienced diver. They must work together to save the forest's waterways from the evil Fire Queen.

Grace's swimming skills will be put to the test as she leads her friends in a quest to rescue a kidnapped dolphin. If the dolphin is not returned, the Magic Forest will never be the same!
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