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Book Rating (107)

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Gray Mountain: A Novel

Unabridged / Go to Abridged Audiobook

Written By: John Grisham

Narrated By: Catherine Taber

Date: October 2014

Duration: 14 hours 46 minutes


John Grisham has a new hero . . . and she’s full of surprises

The year is 2008 and Samantha Kofer’s career at a huge Wall Street law firm is on the fast track—until the recession hits and she gets downsized, furloughed, escorted out of the building. Samantha, though, is one of the “lucky” associates. She’s offered an opportunity to work at a legal aid clinic for one year without pay, after which there would be a slim chance that she’d get her old job back.

In a matter of days Samantha moves from Manhattan to Brady, Virginia, population 2,200, in the heart of Appalachia, a part of the world she has only read about. Mattie Wyatt, lifelong Brady resident and head of the town’s legal aid clinic, is there to teach her how to “help real people with real problems.” For the first time in her career, Samantha prepares a lawsuit, sees the inside of an actual courtroom, gets scolded by a judge, and receives threats from locals who aren’t so thrilled to have a big-city lawyer in town. And she learns that Brady, like most small towns, harbors some big secrets.

Her new job takes Samantha into the murky and dangerous world of coal mining, where laws are often broken, rules are ignored, regulations are flouted, communities are divided, and the land itself is under attack from Big Coal. Violence is always just around the corner, and within weeks Samantha finds herself engulfed in litigation that turns deadly.


  • mwn

    Good story until main event, then it falls apart, gets monotonous, and leads the reader into a lot of worm-holes. That's because this edition is abridged. Basis of story and research behind it is noble--the coal fields and how people like wilber ross take advantage of poor. uneducated people. However once we get beyond the coup de gras, everything serves no purpose except self serving egotism. Grisham writes well, but here he waxes on and on with monotonous drivel.

  • John O

    I generally like John Grisham books but, this one came off as preachy, agenda ridden, predictable, and quite repetitious throughout. The narration was depressing and boring. The story could have been heavily edited to make an okay read.

  • Leonard Gulino

    Good entertainment-- well crafted and generally realistic by today's standards.

  • Laurie Reeves

    The first part of the book was decent, but the protagonist never evolved or came into her own. I stopped listening toward the end when it was apparent she would never do anything interesting herself. He needs to work on his female characters.

  • Eleanor Cox

    I thought the book was interesting. The information on coal mines and the devastation they have on communities and peoples lives was frightening and still is. I specially like Samantha and Jeff. There were ups and downs in the writing of the book, down mean boring up meaning exciting. I would recommend for reading but I have read better by John Grisham

  • Michael Tuziw

    My first Grisham and I was disappointed. I can't believe he left so many story lines unresolved. I'm an hour from finishing and am saying, "what about the other storylines?". The narrator sounded dull and disinterested in the story. My biggest problem was that she suffered from a mild case of "William Shatner disease". This book could have been an hour shorter if she didn't constantly pause for... I'm not sure what for!!! The sentences never seemed to flow tho the point where even the main character seemed disinterested.

  • Charlotte Upton

    I enjoyed the book very much! But I have coal miners in my I guess I could see the issues clearly!

  • Sandi Schlabach

    Not up to Grisham's previous body and f work. As stated in previous reviews, characters were shallow and the story held little to no intrigue. Subject matter had great potential but was a let down.

  • Ann Malkie

    Was not one of his best. Provided good historical information; however it did not flow well. Disappointed overall. Will not recommend to others which is too bad as I admire this author.

  • Angela Tate

    Book was worth the credit. The narration was slow and choppy. I sped it up, which helped, but the sentences never seemed to flow.

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by John Grisham

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Gray Mountain: A Novel, John Grisham
Gray Mountain: A Novel, John Grisham
This title is due for release on October 21, 2014.

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Gray Mountain: A Novel, John Grisham
This title is due for release on October 21, 2014
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Gray Mountain: A Novel, John Grisham
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Gray Mountain: A Novel, John Grisham

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