Great Speeches by Frederick Douglass

Written by:
Frederick Douglass
Narrated by:
Walter Baron

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
7 hours 28 minutes
'Great Speeches by Frederick Douglass' is a pivotal collection showcasing Frederick Douglass's eloquence, determination, and leadership in advocating for the abolition of slavery and civil rights. Born a slave, Douglass became a leading 19th-century orator and activist after his escape. The book compiles his most significant speeches, highlighting his rhetorical prowess and keen insight into the era's injustices and moral failings. Douglass critically examines American values of freedom and democracy against the harsh truths of slavery and racial injustice in speeches like 'What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?'. He condemned slavery while championing women's rights and the application of democratic principles to all, regardless of race. The collection is not just a historical record but a source of inspiration and a call to action, showcasing Douglass's ability to inspire social justice movements. His speeches remain a hopeful reminder of the fight for equality and the power of words to instigate change, making this collection a tribute to his lifelong dedication to achieving true freedom and justice for all.
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