The Greatest Stories of All Time

The Greatest Stories of All Time

Written by:
King James Version
Narrated by:
George Vafiadis
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2003
11 hours 21 minutes
This performance was awarded Audio Best of the Year by Publishers Weekly. Shakespearean actor, George Vafiadis, gives a remarkable performance in the rich language of the King James version.

This collection of 176 stories from both Old and New Testaments will delight readers of all ages. From Adam and Eve to the Last Supper, these stories can enlighten us, edify us, and entertain us. Stories from the Bible have been used over the centuries to teach not just Christian, but universal themes that apply to all humanity: love, brotherhood, tolerance, faith, trust. Bible stories have informed or inspired much of humanity's great literature over the years, and the stories themselves are alternately heartbreaking, amusing, poignant, romantic, and thrilling. This collection provides over eleven hours of listening, and all stories are tracked so that they can be found easily and listened to again and again.

This Playaway unit contains 6 stories from the Old Testament beginning with Creation and Adam and Eve and ending with Daniel and the Lion's Den and Jonah and the Whale. Then there are 10 stories from the New Testament beginning with The Angel and Zacharias, Mary and Elizabeth, John the Baptist and The Birth of Christ, and ending with stories from the apostle Paul.
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