Growing Up: A Guide to Puberty and Adolescence for Teenagers and Parents

Written by:
Narrated by:
Joe Jameson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2024
10 hours 7 minutes
This audiobook contains all the know-how you need to make the teenage years the exciting adventure they should be.

The teenage years can be awkward - bodies change and sweat, and smells and spots become part of life. Growing Up has a supportive but straightforward approach that gives you the knowledge ahead of time. Why do boys' voices break? How do hormones work? From managing spots to mending a broken heart, this audiobook has the answers, along with advice for parents and kids on discussing potentially embarrassing topics.

As well as the biological facts of puberty, this audiobook is bursting with tips on how to navigate the emotional and social challenges of growing up - from relationships and confidence to cyberbullying and alcohol. It gives you the tools to understand and tackle challenging subjects including discrimination, drugs, and difficult life events, and practical, straightforward guidance on mental health issues such as anxiety and low self-esteem.

Growing Up also contains content on contemporary topics such as post-pandemic mental health, eco-anxiety, online hate, and the impact of influencers.

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