Guided Meditation for The Law of Attraction: Powerful Affirmations, Guided Meditation, and Hypnosis for Love, Money, Weight Loss, Relationships, and Happiness!

Written by:
Olivia Clifford
Narrated by:
Whitney Ann Jenkins

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2021
1 hour 34 minutes
Feeling stressed and frustrated? Are you wanting to “slow down” in the hectic bustle of life, do you want to understand yourself and change your life for the better?

With this riveting book Guided Meditation for The Law of Attraction! You can recover strength and regain balance.

It sounds strange but understanding your own brain is a daunting task and the contradiction between conscious and the unconscious often leads to difficulties in attempts to change unwanted behaviors, attitudes, or situations.

Changing your subconscious mind’s attitudes and patterns is a challenging task. However, with the help of guided meditation, you will manage to do this and reprogram your subconscious, allowing you to drastically change your life.

The truth is that our thoughts shape our future. We attract into our lives whatever we think of and focus on. If we cannot get rid of negative attitudes, we experience negative situations in reality.

In this unique guide, you will:

• Explore how to eliminate mind contradictions – “disagreement” between your conscious decisions and unconscious resistance to changes

• Master principles and techniques of guided mediation – various meditation exercises, affirmations, and self-hypnosis scripts for self-improvement.

• Understand the Law of Attraction – send out positive energy to the Universe to get its support for your desires and efforts

• Visualize your dream life – use the law of attractions as the most powerful tool for visualizing your dreams and goals

• Attract more abundance into your life - embrace your gratitude and boosting your vibes, to attract money and love, heal your relationships and feel happiness

• And so much more!

So, start listening today and explore the fascinating process to bring you happiness, harmony, and success with “Guided Meditation for The Law of Attraction'.
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