The Hare Lane Diaries: A BBC Radio 4 Comedy Drama

Written by:
Lyndon Mallet
Narrated by:
David Bamber , Frances Barber

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
2 hours 46 minutes
Frances Barber and David Bamber star in this light-hearted sitcom about the diary-writing inhabitants of 11 Hare Lane

When newly widowed Jessica decides to rent a room to recently divorced Rex, she's a little apprehensive. She's never had a lodger before, and he's not used to being a tenant. Neither are quite sure how their relationship works - and to make things trickier, they're wildly different people. But unbeknownst to either of them, they share a secret - they both keep a diary.

Taking turns to read from their respective journals, they relate their thoughts, hopes, dreams and first impressions of each other, which are somewhat less than flattering. He finds her aloof, she thinks he's too eager to please - and when his dodgy DIY skills leave her seething, she retaliates by letting his room to mature student Charles, a tall, attractive blond who looks like a poet.

Relegated to the boxroom by 'Lord Byron', and beset by work frustrations and a demanding ex-wife, Rex is left feeling disheartened. Meanwhile, Jessica makes a shocking discovery about her late husband that leaves her questioning everything she thought she knew about their marriage. Living parallel lives under the same roof, can Rex and Jessica learn to rub along together? And as they fill up their diaries with their deepest feelings, will they ever get around to confiding in one another?

Adapted by Lyndon Mallet from his acclaimed novel of the same name, this warm, gentle comedy drama stars Frances Barber as Jessica and David Bamber as Rex.

Production credits
Written by Lyndon Mallet
Directed by Kate Valentine and Peter Kavanagh
Original music by Simon Cryer

First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 11-18 September 2000 (Episodes 1 & 2), 10 September-1 October 2001 (Episodes 3-6)

Jessica - Frances Barber
Rex - David Bamber

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