Haunted: Tales of the Supernatural: Ten Full-Cast BBC Radio Dramatisations

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2024
6 hours 7 minutes
Haunting tales from legendary writer Rosemary Timperley

Delve into the world of Rosemary Timperley if you dare! In this chilling collection, discover ten chilling full-cast dramatisations of sinister stories and suspenseful tales and immerse yourself in a totally unique listening experience. Recorded with a full musical score, these standalone tales are perfect for fans of the supernatural and will raise goosebumps on even the warmest of days.
Listen to ten of Timperley’s most thrilling tales, available to download as a collection for the first time and discover a terrifying and haunting world from a talented writer like no other.
Walk on the Water - A young girl finds her whole life blighted by an encounter with a mysterious stranger.
Listen to the Silence - Mary must face her fears but can she refuse an offer made by a strange voice claiming to be her grandfather?
Channel Crossing - Can a holiday overcome the issues dividing a bickering family? Starring Peter Sallis and Nicholas Lyndhurst.
Shadows of the Past - An amnesiac seeks answers in the house where he was traumatised as a child.
Mists of Memory - Young cellist Janet meets a confused old man who seems oddly familiar. But what does he mean by 'music is where I live’?
Dare Game - A chance meeting of old school friends revives memories of a very dangerous game…
Little Girl Lost - Can Mrs. Grove really talk with her husband beyond the grave?
Where are you, Juliet? - Rowena moves into a flat haunted by the presence of its previous owner, Juliet. But where is she and what is the mystery surrounding her disappearance?
Hanged on Tuesday - Married on a Tuesday? A haunting exploration of the old folklore saying…
Christmas Meeting - A woman is alone on Christmas, and it can be the loneliest day in the world.
Born in 1920, Rose Timperley authored over 60 novels as well as hundreds of short stories and feature articles for the most popular publications of the day. A writer in tune with her society and its treatment of women, Timperley injects horror into her work in a way that makes her stories as relevant now as when they were written. Her work has been collected in many anthologies, including Roald Dahl's Book of Ghost Stories. Timperley also wrote several acclaimed radio and television scripts with her short story Harry adapted into film several times.
Please note: Due to the age of the recordings, the sound quality may vary.
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All pieces written by Rosemary Timperley
With thanks to Keith Wickham for sourcing audio files.
Walk on the Water
First Broadcast on the BBC World Service, Nov 1979
Listen to the Silence
First Broadcast on the BBC World Service, Jan 1982
Channel Crossing
First Broadcast on the BBC World Service, 5 Jul 1984
Shadows of the Past
First Broadcast BBC Radio 4, 26 Feb 1972
Mists of Memory
First broadcast on the BBC World Service, Mar 1982
Little Girl Lost
First broadcast on the BBC World Service, Oct 1979
Dare Game
First broadcast on the BBC Light Programme, Apr 1964
Where are you, Juliet?
First broadcast on BBC Radio 4, Oct 1987
Hanged on Tuesday
First Broadcast BBC Radio 4, 27 Jan 1971
Christmas Meeting
First Broadcast on BBC Home Service Basic, 19 Dec 1963
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Ruth Jenkins

Loved this. Fantastic stories and the narrator was convincing and not hammy at all. Opened up the work of the author to me.

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