Written by:
John R. Maxim
Narrated by:
Dick Hill

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2008
13 hours 8 minutes
From the acclaimed author of The Shadow Box comes an unforgettable work of fiction—an electrifying thriller with a strong beating heart that takes suspense to a remarkable new level.

Elizabeth Stride has come to Hilton Head Island to escape her past as 'the Black Angel'—a ruthless assassin—and to escape Martin Kessler, a gleefully reckless fellow operative who owned a piece of her soul. But just as she's beginning to rebuild her shattered life, Kessler reappears, toppling Elizabeth's protective wall of anonymity.
A teenage girl, a muslim, herself a fugitive, is about to be abducted from a nearby exclusive tennis club—a girl who unwittingly holds the key to a horrific planned act of terrorism. By joining forces in a daring rescue of the girl, Elizabeth and Martin will be forced to place their fates in each other's hands one more time and for Elizabeth to decide whether what she feels for Kessler is love. She knows that he loves her. That cannot be doubted. But would she be sttling for him after all? What other man could love her if he knew all that she's done?
But for now they need each other. Although they do not realize it yet, they have been drawn into a secret war of fanaticism, greed, and doomsday technology.
And there will be no HAVEN
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