Havoc Squad: Fire and Rust Book 3

Written by:
Anthony James
Narrated by:
Andy Ingalls

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
6 hours 24 minutes
Havoc Squad. Shooting alien scumbags on their home turf. Havoc Squad is a fast-paced military sci-fi shooter filled with guns, tech and warfare. It follows on from book 2 in the Fire and Rust Series: Alien Firestorm.

The Unity League has decided to send a peace mission into Ragger space. A single shuttle named Colorado carries the hopes of billions. Captain Jake Griffin is tasked with following the Colorado in a heavily-armed assault craft to watch for signs of treachery. When betrayal comes, Griffin delivers retribution in the form of a nuclear warhead, which wipes out much of a primary Ragger facility and almost wrecks his spaceship. He ends up trapped in a place far beneath the ground. Elsewhere, Conway and his squad are left in the ruins with no hope of rescue. Somehow, they must fight their way to safety. The coming few days will be a test that neither Griffin nor Conway wanted. Both are amongst the few with the skills to succeed. Success or failure may be undecided, but the death of many Raggers is guaranteed.
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