A Healer's Gift: A New Adult LitRPG Fantasy Adventure

A Healer's Gift: A New Adult LitRPG Fantasy Adventure

Written by:
Tao Wong
Narrated by:
Eric Martin
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2017
5 hours 8 minutes
A Gifted healer. A Dungeon town. A fate yet to be determined

Daniel was Gifted by the gods at birth, able to heal with a touch even the most grievous wounds. Every gift has a price, and his gift requires a payment few would pay. Caught between his Gift, his duty and his heart's desire, Daniel journey's to a nearby Dungeon Town to take his first steps as an Adventurer.

Whether he'll succeed or not might just be dependent upon the friends he makes and the skills he acquires.

A Healer's Gift is the first book in Tao Wong's new adult LitRPG fantasy. In an epic fantasy world filled with monsters, dungeons and a leveling system, the series draws upon Japanese light novel influences to paint a fantastic world of adventuring and heroics.
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