Hell's Brood: An Eve of Light Story Collection

Hell's Brood: An Eve of Light Story Collection

Written by:
Harambee K. Grey-Sun
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2019
5 hours 30 minutes
In the Eve of Light universe, no one is safe from what hides beneath the gossamer of superficial reality.

A struggling singer who travels to the middle of nowhere to perform a gig finds herself exposed to a sinister creature with a hunger for something only she can provide.

A small-time criminal who finds a gun that seems to be of supernatural origin begins to dream of the big time, until he realizes someone wants their toy back.

A lonely middle manager who set up a profile on an adult hook-up site is soon in danger of losing more than his money or identity.

An American Heartland Security Agent unwittingly becomes involved in a supernatural battle.

A fugitive from the Sprytes, one of the most dangerous supernatural cults on Earth, finds herself entangled in a conspiracy too dark to escape.

Containing The Lark, Heaven’s Gun, FoolKillers, Knotty & Ice, and Rogue Beauty, five tales of dark metaphysical fantasy, Hell’s Brood is the perfect collection for readers new to the Eve of Light series.
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