Heppel Ever After

Written by:
Con Riley
Narrated by:
Cornell Collins

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
7 hours 59 minutes
Because every epic romance deserves an epic happy ending . . .

All Charles Heppel wants is a wedding. It's not much to ask now that he's set his playboy days aside for his almost-ordained fiance. He can't wait for a lovely, lazy beach honeymoon with His Holy Hotness to continue Hugo's education in the bedroom.

Surely this third wedding date will be the charm and won't get cancelled, will it? After all, Hugo's followed his calling almost to the end of his path to ordination. Nothing should keep him from gaining his own parish with Charles as his husband.

Hugo's calling thinks differently, demanding he leaves for the remote island of Kara-Enys without Charles.

That news should be shattering, but if Charles Heppel has one thing going for him, it's that he's relentlessly optimistic. And romantic. Most islands have beaches, don't they? He'll join Hugo to have the honeymoon first on their own version of Love Island. They can get married later!

All he needs to do is find him . . .

Contains mature themes.
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Andie L.

Heppel Ever After is such a brilliant follow-up to Charles. I could literally spend forever reading about Charles and His Holy Hotness. This book gives you all the roller-coaster emotions of a Con Riley book. Meaningful, beautiful, and heartfelt. 10/10 for both story and narration!

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Amanda B.

Ah! Charles and Hugo are so wonderful together. I can totally see why Riley would want to revisit them. I love how supportive they are of each other, both willing to sacrifice for the other, and each unwilling to let the other do that. They are true partners. I love too how this extension of their story shows how people continue to grow and learn about each other. Riley’s writing is so rich. She gives her characters and their stories such depth. I’m always so impressed by how well the different story lines are woven together and combine to bring about the HEA. I couldn’t be more pleased by the ending—especially the epilogue. I got teary-eyed. It was perfect! Of course I also loved seeing more of Luke and the other Glynn Harbour characters. And having read Finding Mr. Fabulous before this one, I adored getting this backstory on Rex and Arthur. Honestly, I can’t recommend this book or this series highly enough. As usual, too, Cornell Collins’ narration was excellent—he does an amazing job bringing the characters to life.

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When I listen to an audio of a book that I've already read with my eyes I'm not always moved in the same way that I was when I read it. That was not the case with Hepple Ever After. Cornell Collins did another outstanding job performing this audiobook and all of my emotions were once again engaged while listening to it. There's not a lot more for me to say that I didn't already write in my original review which is shown below. I love Hugo and Charles! I wrote a long and detailed review of this story but then I realized that nobody would really want to read all of that so I’m going to try and pare it down – a lot.

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Anna L.

Story: Ah! Another brilliant helping of Charles and his Prince Charming! I love all their interactions and it's a true treat to have them close a series they so spectacularly opened! A must read for all the series fans, but then again - if you read at least on of the previous books, telling you to pick this one up as well is redundant at best. You'll have already known you need all the Charles you can get! Narration: Perfect match for the series. Impeccable performance!

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