The HIP Investor: Make Bigger Profits by Building a Better World

Written by:
R. Paul Herman
Narrated by:
Rob Shapiro

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
10 hours 14 minutes
The HIP Investor introduces a revolutionairy system that allows investors to profit and make a socially responsible impact.The HIP approach, which values real, measurable results over policies or philosophies, shows that higher-performing companies can deliver both human impact and profit for shareholders. The book offers investors a new breed of investing- one that combines making money and doing good. It introduces a new way for investors to identify HIP companies and add them to their portfolios. Author Paul Herman's system has generated dramatic profits for followers. Since 2003, the HIP 100 Index has outperformed the cumulative return of the Sinvestor tool-kit so that all investors can transform their portfolios and benefit from these impressive gains. Explain how five seemingly intractable world problems health, wealth, earth, equality, trust can be profitably solved by companies and investors making informed decisions. 
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