His Compass

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2022
9 hours 9 minutes
Tom has one rule: don't sleep with the crew. A second chance with a younger, gorgeous deckhand tempts him to break it.

After a busy season as a charter-hire skipper, Tom yearns for some downtime. His lonely heart also aches for adventure with someone special, but paying his bills has to come first. A surprise sailing contract and huge bonus offer his first glimpse of freedom for years. There's only one catch: he must crew with Nick, a deckhand who jumped ship once already.

Nick's as young and untested as the new yacht they're contracted to sail, and he's just as gorgeous. Forced to spend a month as Nick's captain, Tom discovers depths he hadn't noticed. He's captivated, and happier sailing with Nick than he's been in forever. However, their voyage is finite, and both men keep soul-deep secrets.

As the contract draws to an end, they must get honest about what's in their hearts if they want to share a life at sea, and love, forever.

Contains mature themes.
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Susan B.

I loved this story. Tom was so leery of falling for Nick. Nick was so sweet. They both had their secrets. Mitch cracks me up. I love how the story unfolds. The narrator did all the voices well. He kept the story moving and his voice was animated. Great story!

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Janet H.

This was a beautifully woven story with two flawed main characters. Tom is asked to skipper a yacht with Nick an untested crewman. Nick is gorgeous and Tom is captivated, Nick has gotten under Tom’s skin. I loved the emotional journey these two men took to get where they needed to go. Loved it!!

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Andie L.

His Compass is a beautiful, emotional, heart-wrenching story about two people who shouldn't but can't resist falling in love. Tom and Nick are both keeping secrets and they've both got a lot to lose if they get in too deep, reveal too much. Fall in love with their wonderful, rich world with Cornell Collins' deep melodic voice. His performance, as always, is a treat.

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