Historic Kirtland: Latter-day Saint Guide for Travel and Study

Historic Kirtland: Latter-day Saint Guide for Travel and Study

Written by:
Thomas Aardema , Damon Bahr
Narrated by:
Casey Paul Griffiths
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
5 hours 3 minutes
Walk in the footsteps of the first Latter-day Saints with this spiritual guide to Church historical sites. This immersive guide draws from first-hand accounts and the expertise of leading Church historians to guide you through the rich history of significant locations of the Restoration. For these sacred sites, authors Damon Bahr and Thomas Aardema provide the background knowledge behind each site, the importance each property has in Church history, and a short devotional that prompts reflection and invites the Spirit. With this guide you can

- experience the sacrifices of the Saints in building the Kirkland Temple.
- understand the significance of the temple to early Church members.
- learn of divine directions that produced much of the Church organization we enjoy today.
- experience places where Joseph and Emma lived and received revelation.

Immerse yourself in the spiritual history of the Restoration. You've never traveled like this before!
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