Honoré De Balzac: Pere Goriot, The Black Sheep & more: Four BBC Radio Full-Cast Dramatisations

Honoré De Balzac: Pere Goriot, The Black Sheep & more: Four BBC Radio Full-Cast Dramatisations

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April 2024
9 hours 30 minutes
Stunning all-star adaptations of Balzac’s finest works

This brilliant collection of France’s foremost nineteenth-century novelist and playwright delivers four of his most fascinating works - stories of love, rivalry, horror and adventure - all brought to life by a stellar cast included Stephen Fry and Alex Kingston. A huge influence on many of the most famous writers from Proust to Kerouac to Dickens, Balzac delivers beautifully observed and complex characters with an unsurpassed attention to the details of society at the time, making him an exemplary of realism in European literature.

Pere Goriot - Dramatised in four parts, this is the story of Eugene, who has discovered that the mysterious Pere Goriot has two daughters who could provide the key to his entry into Parisian society… Starring Stephen Fry as the author Balzac and Alex Kingston as Delphine.

Ursule Mirouet (The Inheritance) - 74 year old Dr Minoret has returned to live out his final days in his home town. His grasping nephews and nieces eagerly await his demise but the good doctor seems to favour his charming young ward, Ursule. What lengths are his family prepared to go to secure their inheritance? Starring Elizabeth Cassidy in the title role of this three-part production.

The Mysterious Mansion - A grisly tale set in La Grande Breteche, the ruins of an abandoned house and neglected garden. Balzac is determined to uncover the story behind its tragic secrets… David Calder stars as the author.

The Black Sheep - Balzac’s classic tale of family rivalry set in 19th-century France. Philippe Bridau returns from the battle of Waterloo and steals from his mother to finance his gambling habit. It's left to his brother Joseph to rescue the family from destitution, but at what cost? Can he betray his own sibling? Geoffrey Whitehead leads the cast in the role of narrator.

A wonderful collection from a superb author, performed by a stunning cast, this is a must listen for any fan of classic literature.

Cast and credits

Written by Honoré De Balzac

Pere Goriot

Featuring: Stephen Fry, Douglas Hodge, David Ross, Geoffrey Banks, Alex Kingston, Noreen Kershaw, Ian Mercer, Romy Baskerville, John Griffin, Clare Dow, Barbara Marten, Paul Broughton, Robin Polley

Dramatised by David Hopkins

Directed by Kate Rowland

First Broadcast BBC Radio 4, 12 Sep 1992

Ursule Mirouet (The Inheritance)

Featuring: Margot Boyd, Ronald Herdman, Alan Devereux, Patricia Gallimore, Haydn Jones, Sean Barrett, Stephen Thorne, Terry Molloy, Edward Kelsey, Patricia Gibson, Denys Hawthorne, Elizabeth Cassidy, Penelope Shaw, Geoffrey Matthews, Alexander John

Dramatised by Joan O’Connor

Directed by Roger Pine

First Broadcast BBC Radio 4, 13 Apr 1980

The Mysterious Mansion

Featuring: David Calder, Dorien Thomas, Dillwyn Owen, Tessa Gearing, Christopher Grimes, Marilyn Le Conte, Nigel Carrington, Manon Edwards, Alan Towner

Dramatised by Peter Mackie

Directed by David Hunter

First Broadcast BBC Radio 4, 7 Oct 1993

The Black Sheep

Featuring: Geoffrey Whitehead, Matthew Pidgeon, Briony McRoberts, Thomas Arnold, Alan Cox, Timothy Bateson, Lucy Paterson, Christian Rodska, Colette O'Neil, Jon Glover, Nyasha Hatendi, Chris Pavlo

Dramatised by Chris Nolan

Directed by Bruce Young

First Broadcast BBC Radio 4, 17 Aug 2008

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