Hope to Die: A Novel

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2024
11 hours 21 minutes
Self-defense or murder? In the continuation of one of Britain’s most popular crime series from Cara Hunter—the author of the instant New York Times bestseller Murder in the Family—DI Fawley returns to determine if someone has staged a crime scene in connection with another homicide from years past.

Midnight. A grisly murder scene at isolated farm on the outskirts of Oxford.

A man lies dead in the kitchen—shot point blank. The farm’s elderly owners claim the shooting was self-defense against a burglar. But something about the crime scene doesn’t sit right with DI Adam Fawley, whose gut tells him there’s more to their story. If the victim came to rob the house, why wasn’t he wearing gloves or carrying tools? Why didn’t the owner of the house call the police right after the shooting? Why did his wife wash his blood splattered clothes immediately?

Digging deeper, the police realize this is no ordinary burglary gone wrong. There’s an unmistakable link to an infamous case from years earlier involving a child’s murder and an alleged miscarriage of justice. When the news leaks out, the press goes wild.

Suddenly Fawley’s team are under tremendous pressure to crack the case—and to bring one formidable criminal to justice.
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