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The Horror of Briarwych Church: Briarwych Church Book 2

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2019
4 hours 53 minutes
Seventy years ago, Briarwych Church was sealed for the second time. The great wooden door has remained shut and locked ever since. But now, in the present day, evil is stirring once more.
Sent to live with new foster parents in Briarwych, Kerry and Mark soon set about exploring the village. When they're warned to stay away from the church, they naturally decide to go and take a closer look. And when the long-sealed door mysteriously swings open, they're drawn inside to meet a terrible fate. After seventy years, a policy of containment is no longer enough. A priest is sent to Briarwych, with the sole task of defeating the evil once and for all. But what really lurks in the shadows of Briarwych Church? Why did Judith Prendergast turn to evil? And by attempting to banish the ghost forever, is Father Liam Dermott walking straight into an ancient and deadly trap?
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