HorrorBabble's Mysterious Forces: 10 Weird Tales of the Elements

HorrorBabble's Mysterious Forces: 10 Weird Tales of the Elements

Narrated by:
Jennifer Gordon , Ian Gordon
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2023
6 hours 24 minutes
A collection of weird tales concerning strange, elemental forces of nature.


The Swooping Wind by Wilford Allen (Weird Tales, 1927)

The story of a scientist with a strange connection to the winds.

The Spirits' Mountain by Gustavo Bécquer (The Contemporary, 1861)

A young man is tasked with the retrieval of a scarf from a haunted mountain.

The Glamour of the Snow by Algernon Blackwood (The Pall Mall Magazine, 1911)

A writer falls in love with a ghostly ice-skater in the Valais Alps.

The Transfer by Algernon Blackwood (Country Life, 1911)

The story of a child’s fascination with a barren patch of land in a big garden.

The Willows by Algernon Blackwood (The Listener and Other Stories, 1907)

The story of a strange adventure through a desolate portion of the River Danube.

The Tree of Life by Paul Ernst (Weird Tales, 1930)

A curious tree whose leaves could revivify a corpse.

Fog Country by Allison V. Harding (Weird Tales, 1945)

The story of a peculiar mist that occasionally settles over a small, coastal town.

Night Must Not Come by Allison V. Harding (Weird Tales, 1943)

Man has never allowed complete darkness, for evil things are waiting beyond the light.

Night of Impossible Shadows by Allison V. Harding (Weird Tales, 1945)

Shadows, doing things not meant to be done.

The Red Brain by Donald Wandrei (Weird Tales, 1927)

The tale of a strange cosmic dust that engulfs the universe.
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