Hostile Takeover [Dramatized Adaptation]: The Trader 3

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2024
5 hours 24 minutes
'Golconda, the secret underground military complex hidden away before Skydark and rediscovered by Trader, is a bounty of riches, filled with arms, ammunition, and wags. But having those things is not enough for the man called Trader. With this newfound wealth, he’s got a dream that’s burned within him.
Determined to build a trade caravan strong enough to plow through the most inhospitable areas of the Deathlands, Trader gathers a new crew to face bandits, raiders, and mutie menaces spawned by the world destruction known as Skydark.
In order to capitalize on that treasure trove, Trader has to haul cargo through dangerous lands to reach markets he’s never explored. He’ll spend whatever fuel and blood he needs to in order to get it done.
Fairzie is a small, seasonal ville in the mountains filled with hardworking townsfolk. Steeped in legends about granny women and hexes, the ville is the center of some of the best moonshine Trader has ever had.
But the town also has its secrets and is about to become the battlefield for a HOSTILE TAKEOVER.
Performed by Richard Rohan, Danny Gavigan, Bradley Foster Smith, Danny Montooth, Morgan Dalla Betta, Megan Dominy, T. Shyvonne Stewart, Nora Achrati, Dylan Lynch, Tyler Hyrchuk, Jacob Yeh, Nick J. Russo, Lily Beacon, Holly Adams, David Engel, Aure Nash, Ryan Haugen, Earl Fisher, Ken Jackson, Rayner Gabriel, Jonathan David Bullock, Eric Messner, David Zitney, Michael John Casey, James Konicek, Yasmin Tuazon, Nanette Savard, Jeri J. Marshall, Steve Wannall, James Lewis, Karen Novack, and Samantha Cooper.'
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