Hostile Territory [Dramatized Adaptation]: Preacher and MacCallister 5

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
6 hours 29 minutes
'Preacher and Jamie MacCallister search for a hidden fortune that might be just a legend—but the bandits, bullets, and bloodshed they find are all too real.

Jamie MacCallister remembers the Alamo—especially one brave frontiersman who died fighting there. Now the fallen veteran’s granddaughter needs Jamie’s help. She’s found a letter written by her grandfather with a map to the spot where Alamo legend Jim Bowie supposedly hid a fortune in silver and gold. Jamie never believed the story. Countless treasure hunters had scoured the area and come up empty handed. But his friend’s granddaughter is convinced it’s hidden where no one has ever dared to search—deep in the heart of Comanche country.

There’s no way Jamie will let this nice young lady venture into such hostile territory—not without his help. But they’re going to need backup. Enter Preacher: easily the toughest mountain man in the West and, luckily, Jamie MacCallister’s loyal friend. Together, they begin their journey at Fort Belknap, the farthest outpost of civilization—and the gateway to the barbaric Comancheria. In that deadly, untamed land the three will seek their fortune. But what they find is a cutthroat gang of outlaws, a bloodthirsty group of deserters, and a powerful tribe of Comanche warriors—who kill all trespassers on sight.
Performed by Mort Shelby, Mike Carnes, Emlyn McFarland, Andrew Mimms, Gabriel Michael, Mike Ciporkin, John Kielty, Matthew Bassett, Bradley Foster Smith Kay Eluvian, Elias Khalil, Michael John Casey, Torian Brackett,Ren Kasey, Christopher Graybill, Michael Glenn, Peter Stanley, Ryan Carlo Dalusung, Eric Messner, Nora Achrati, LaMont Ridgell, Christopher Walker, Eli VanZant, Rayner Gabriel, Ken Jackson, Terence Aselford, Steve Wannall, Richard Rohan, Bruce Alan Rauscher, Rose Elizabeth Supan and Scott McCormick.'
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