Hot Lead, Cold Justice

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2020
6 hours 11 minutes
Legendary crime writer Mickey Spillane’s celebrated tin-star hero Caleb York returns in the explosive
Western saga by New York Times bestselling author Max Allan Collins. This time, the revered New Mexico
gunhand unloads his .44 in a brewing storm brutal enough to freeze the blood.
A killer blizzard sweeping across the Southwest threatens the livelihoods of everyone in the town of Trinidad. But
it’s two gunshots that fell Sheriff Caleb York’s unlucky deputy. As sure as the blood pooling in the snow, York knows it
was a case of mistaken identity. The bullets were meant for him.
It’s the first nasty step in a plan rustled up by former Quantrill’s Raider Luke “Burn ’Em” Burnham—eliminate the
law, corral a team to rob a bank in booming Las Vegas, New Mexico, then lay low. With a treacherous local merchant
for cover, and York out of the picture, all they’ll have to do is wait for the calm. Then they get wind of one little hitch:
not only is York still alive, but he’s gunning for justice—and revenge.
As the winter weather bears down, the stir-crazy outlaws aim to finish what they started—take down York and
disappear into the blinding storm. As a chilling cat-and-mouse begins, York isn’t about to let Burnham and his
damnable gang get away. It’d be a cold day in hell if he did.
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