How Anti-oxidents in Kakadu Complex Benefits Your Health

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2016
0 hours 26 minutes
This is about how the anti-oxidants, phytonutrients and bioactives in Kakadu Complex from Australia benefits your health and slows down your ageing process in your body. It used to be called Kakadu Juice but now because it's sold in Europe they can't call it a juice; it has been changed the name to Kakadu complex.

The Kakadu plum in Australia from Kakadu national park has 300 times more vitamin C than an orange. We look at all the ingredients in Kakadu Complex and how even the fruit called Mangosteen from Indonesia in Kakadu complex slows down inflammation in ones body. We hear about metaflammation in our body makes us age faster and how antioxidants puts a thicker lining on your cells to protect you from what's called 'free radicals'. 10% of the air we breathe in are 'free radicals' which make us age faster.

Anti-oxidants flushes our body of free radicals. As we get older and age our cells can mutate and therefore you can get cancer and ageing diseases. We hear about how the phytonutrients in the wild foods in Kakadu Complex slows down inflammation in our body and therefore slows our ageing process. We hear how being overweight is metaflammation and the visoral fat in between your organs can speed up the process of getting cancer, having heart attacks or even having a stroke.

We look at how low GI foods release energy slowly in your body and we take a look at how nutritional scientists now look back at wild plant foods in Kakadu Complex benefit our health and boost our immune systems. Even the mysterious author of this audio book takes Kakadu Complex each day 10 minutes before breakfast and dinner, thus the wild plant foods seep into the lining of the stomach and then the meal becomes a super food meal. We hear how the ingredients in Kakadu complex are cold pressed for our health. 
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