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How Not to Manage People: The Leadership Mistakes Keeping Your Team from Greatness

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
4 hours 44 minutes
The How Not To… series is a branded family of titles that will help people recognize the mistakes they are making that are preventing them from achieving their goals by focusing on the common pitfalls professionals are making. Each book will be written by a professional writer or journalist who has researched and interviewed authorities on each title.

The series will take listeners on a humorous journey, leading them through a process of self-discovery that will shine light on the issues they are facing. Listeners will learn:

- How to identify areas where they are struggling and the impact those frustrations are having.
- What they are doing wrong, and the ways others are doing it right. 
- The actionable changes they can make and how to implement them.
- How to recognize success and maintain it over time.
- Opportunities to laugh at others while also laughing at themselves through humorous examples of lame performance.


The market is filled with books that focus on what professionals need to do, but this series focuses on the practices that may be sabotaging their efforts. And, for many, the best way to learn is from the mistakes of others, rather than their successes.


This series addresses the fear of failure and alleviates the loneliness that accompanies it. In recognizing that they aren’t the only ones experiencing the pain points they are facing and hearing the stories of others who have overcome those same issues, readers are able to focus on the path to success.
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