How to Cope with Difficult People: Making human relations harmonious and effective

How to Cope with Difficult People: Making human relations harmonious and effective

Narrated by:
Joshua Manning
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2018
7 hours 21 minutes
Transform difficult relations, complex issues and ideas down to concise actionable material.

The problem with difficult people is that, well, they are difficult… and they are everywhere : in the cafe, at the office, in stores or at school. But with the ability to recognize them for what they are, to protect yourself against them and to turn their defences upside down, you can reach your goals.

Sadly most people don't know how to cope with difficult people. Either they are contaminated by the agressivity or negativity, or they get into a verbal fight with these difficult persons. Sometimes, they even lose faith and try to go around the difficulties, but that can only last so far.

But you can make difficult conversations painless.

There are different kinds of difficult people, and what you'll learn first in this book is to recognize them for what they are. You won't be able to cure them, they would have to go into therapy, most of the time, to become better selves. But you'll also find your weapons to overcome the obstacle that these aggressive, negative or just silent people erect on your path. Working in stages to assess the situation and the profile of the difficult people you face, you'll be able to shield yourself and turn their shortcomings into an opportunity for both of you. 

You can reach your objectives, without resorting to force. You have a number of weapons at your disposal, whose effectiveness will astonish you, once you learn how to use them.

Whatever type of difficulties you encounter, you need a strategy to deal with difficult people effectively, and make the occasions a cause for success instead of for failure.

Here's what you're going to learn inside: 

- What if others consider you a difficult person...
- Recognizing the aggressive type
- Overcoming the negative type
- Opening up the Clam type
- Verbal Ping Pong or The Dangers of Playing Offense
- Four Important Stages
- The Weapon of Words
- Shields and Inner Strength
- The Supreme Weapon: Humour!

How will this audiobook improve you :

- Never fall for people’s dirty argument tricks. 
- Always find the better arguments to stop confrontation.
- You'll radiate positivity, a positivity that circles and comes back to you.
- You'll listen to people in a way that makes them confident about you

Finally, dealing with difficult people also means dealing with your own fears - dispelling those old demons, and making your life a harmonious experience that others can share in and admire. Your relationships will improve and grow with ease, trust and honesty.

Know exactly how to capitalize on your strengths and minimize your weaknesses with others. It’s time to break out of your rut and discover what it takes to cope with difficult people.
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