How to Get a Date Worth Keeping

Written by:
Henry Cloud
Narrated by:
Adam Black

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2011
7 hours 8 minutes
De-mystify dating once and for all! Dr. Henry Cloud addresses common dating issues and presents a 'how to' guide for getting to know yourself and your date, so you can find (and keep) the love of your life.

Let's face it--dating isn't always fun. But starting today, you can begin a journey that will bring fun and interesting people into your life, broaden your experience of others and yourself, and lead you toward that date of all dates--a date worth keeping.

This book is for YOU if . . .

- You want to get more dates or better dates.
- You wonder where 'the good ones' are.
- You keep repeating the same old cycle in your dating life and want to change it.
- You wonder why people who aren't as nice as you get all the dates.
- You're attracted to the wrong kind, while the right kind lack the 'chemistry.'
- You're waiting for God to bring you the right person--and you've been waiting an awfully long time.
- You wonder what it is about you that fails to attract dates.

With over ten years of experience personally coaching singles on dating, Dr. Henry Cloud shares his proven, very doable, step-by-step approach to overcoming your sticking points and getting all the dates you could want.

The results speak for themselves. Filled with true-life examples you'll identify with instantly, How to Get a Date Worth Keeping will prove its worth to you many times over in the exciting months ahead.
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Bernice A.

I really appreciate this book and learned more about dating.

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Veronica Guerrero

I love the approach the book gives to dating from a Christian perspective. The author does well in reminding us to do our part rather than sitting back and expecting things to magically happen on their own. The narrator does very well too! Easy to listen to and pay attention to.

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stacia starbeck

I did not realize this is a very religious book. He quotes scripture at you. Which is great for some people. and annoying for others. Just letting you know its religious

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