How To Play Hearthstone

How To Play Hearthstone

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Jd Kelly
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January 2017
0 hours 58 minutes
Are you interested in playing a fun and exciting online card game? Do you want to be able to compete in the card game scene with valuable tips and tricks that will open the door to climbing down the ranks in ranked mode? With our guide to the collectible card game Hearthstone you will learn:

- All of the basics of the game
- How to play on the competitive scene
- Deckbuilding tips that will help you rise to the top
- Tips and tricks about how to get the most out of your Hearthstone experience
- Guide to the various rules about standard, card sets and ranked play
- A comprehensive look at player versus player tempo and how that affects your games
- A look at all the classes you can choose from and their strengths and weaknesses
- An explanation of board control, removals and how they affect your games

If you're looking to play Hearthstone well and avoid all the pitfalls that beginning players fall into then this guide is definitely for you!

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