How to Read and Understand the Gospel of Matthew

Written by:
Ian Boxall
Narrated by:
Ian Boxall

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2020
6 hours 4 minutes
Join acclaimed New Testament professor Ian Boxall, author of Discovering Matthew, to gain a deeper understanding of this remarkable Gospel's shape and message. The Great biblical scholar Dom Henry Wansbrough notes that Prof. Boxall "has a talent for expressing profound and illuminating truths in a succinct and understandable form," making him the perfect guide for this exploration.

The Gospel according to Matthew brings us in close touch with the Jewish origins of Christian faith. Rich in Old Testament quotations and allusions, it is keen to emphasize the continuity between Jesus' life and teaching and Israel's heritage.

Likely written as a foundation document for a community in transition in the early stages of separation from the wider Jewish community, this "Jewish Gospel" would also quickly become "the Church's Gospel." Its clear structure; fuller narrative of Jesus' birth, life, death, and resurrection; and memorable record of Christ's teaching indicate that it was the early Christians' go-to Gospel for public reading, catechesis, and theological disputation.

In 15 compelling audio lectures, you'll explore Matthew's distinctive portrait of Jesus. Prof. Boxall will guide you from the Gospel's fascinating opening genealogy to its climactic Great Commission. Along the way, you'll explore topical questions pertinent to Matthew's story: its memorable and challenging Sermon on the Mount, its multilayered healing stories, its interest in Peter and the Church, and its surprising teaching about judgment.
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