Human for Hire – Cellblock Orion: Collateral Damage Included

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
7 hours 7 minutes
'The alien known as The Human stands before this Tribunal having been found guilty of the crime of murder without circumstances. You shall be interned in the Malx Prison for a term no less than your natural, unnatural, or transformative life without the possibility of reconsideration or commutation. You have committed the most grievous crime on Noranen and shall now suffer the maximum consequences for such a heinous act.'

Adam Cain had had worse days, but at the moment, he couldn't remember when. And when the native judge slammed an oblong stone on the podium before him, signaling an end to the fifteen-minute trial and sentencing, Adam felt a tingle run down his spine. It was going to take all his skill, experience-and luck-to get out of this one. And his latest challenge was just beginning . . .

But Adam wasn't about to let the situation get the best of him. He had skills, skills which will be tested when he finds he's been placed in more of a zoo than a prison. All the inmates were aliens on the planet Noranen and serving life sentences. So why worry about their welfare? Let them sort it out amongst themselves. All the guards did was clean up the mess afterward. Unfortunately for the inmates, there was now a super being amongst them, a scrawny, pink-skinned creature known only as The Human. Let the alien ass-kicking commence!
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