Human for Hire - Devil's Gate: Collateral Damage Included (Human for Hire series Book 3)

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
5 hours 49 minutes
When The Human for Hire is asked to help in a bank robbery . . .

Of course, he says no. But then came the clincher.

'It's behind enemy lines.'

'This could be the perfect crime. Count me in!'

After his last two jobs left him broke and in debt, The Human for Hire is looking for a way to make some quick cash. And that's when three Human friends from his past show up, offering him a piece of the action in an upcoming bank robbery. At first, he says no. But then the details come out. It's behind enemy lines . . . and it's a Klin bank they'd be robbing. As Adam Cain says, 'This could be the perfect crime.'

Get ready for Kelly's Heroes in Space, as Adam Cain and friends embark on a hair brain scheme to rob half-a-billion energy credits from a Klin bank. It may seem as if the odds are against them, but remember, this is Adam Cain we're talking about. Never count him out. But that doesn't mean everything goes according to plan. They never do. And that's why the stories are so much fun!

Time for some serious collateral damage!
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