Human for Hire -- Sirius Cargo: Collateral Damage Included

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2023
6 hours 41 minutes
The Transporter meets Mad Max . . .

In the latest Human for Hire adventure.

It started out as a simple weapons delivery to a planetary warlord. But when Adam Cain-AKA The Human-is asked to transport an innocuous-looking package back to the warlord's capital, things take a turn for the worse. Yeah, you know what happens: Adam looks in the package!

Now meet Siri, a sexy, feline-like mutant whose special powers have made her the target of the two most powerful warlords on the planet Ellios. Of course, Adam is intrigued by her, and soon the pair are racing across the planet in a desperate effort not only to save their own lives but also to put an end to a perpetual war that has killed millions of natives.

Adam never asked for any of this. He never does. But trouble just seems to follow him from adventure to adventure.

This is classic Adam Cain, AKA: The Human for Hire.

And as always, the bad guys learn too late that . . . you don't mess with the Humans.
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