Human for Hire - Soldier of Fortune: Collateral Damage Included (Human for Hire series Book 2)

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
7 hours 2 minutes
Staging a coup on a cesspool of a planet can be a dangerous affair. However, when The Human is betrayed by none other than his own client, he and the rest of his team are left running for their lives, pursued by killer robots and with no way off the planet. And that's just the beginning of the story . . .

Welcome to the world of Adam Cain, AKA: The Human, the closest thing to a superman in the galaxy. As the most famous employee of Starfire Security, The Human is in popular demand. But he has to be careful that his past doesn't catch up to him. You can't go around kicking alien butt without ruffling a few feathers . . . or scales . . . or whatever the alien du jour happens to have for skin. And when Adam later teams up with another famous bounty hunter, things really begin to go south. Revenge, betrayal, and pay-back become the keywords in this latest rip-roaring adventure by sci-fi author T. R. Harris.

The story continues . . . After the galaxy was savagely attacked by invaders, the Milky Way was left but a shadow of its former self. Gone are the vast empires that once brought stability, law and order to countless star systems. In its wake, a savage, almost Wild West existence emerged, ruled by gun and muscle. And for anyone needing help with either gun or muscle-or both-everyone knows you . . . Hire a Human.
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