Hunter School

Written by:
Sakinu Ahronglong
Narrated by:
Pun Bandhu

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2022
4 hours 38 minutes
Hunter School is a timely piece of fiction, drawing on the recollections, folklore, and autobiographical stories of an aboriginal Taiwanese man aiming to reconnect with his tribal Paiwan identity, lost in the name of development.

It is impossible to be unaware of the effect of development, invariably at the hands of outsiders, upon the lands, inhabitants, and very nature of faraway climes. Hunter School shows us first-hand the immediate and long-reaching effects of such changes upon an indigenous people. The fabric of the community is changed, its balance and its self-sufficiency undermined, and confusion reigns. A common theme running throughout this charming but important audiobook is that of a young man learning about himself and his heritage from the past, elders, ancestors, and nature itself.

This award-winning audiobook is a highly readable and touching work, and an insight into a unique and endangered society. It serves also as a clarion call for action and awareness.
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