Hunting Her Box Set: Books 4-6

Hunting Her Box Set: Books 4-6

Written by:
Eden Summers
Narrated by:
D.C. Cole , Laura Jennings
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
30 hours 19 minutes
These men don't build bridges... They bury bodies.

Over thirty hours of devilish anti-heroes, forbidden attraction and vicious love.


I was stolen. Hidden. Trapped in a hell beyond salvation.

Until him. Luca. The man who changed everything with his fierce loyalty and vow of protection.

What he promises is something I gave up on long ago.

And yet here I am, falling under the spell of a reality I crave.

I want him to save me. I need it.

But I also learned long ago that the most ruthless men hide behind seductive words and handsome faces.


Luca dragged me from hell and delivered me to salvation.

At least that's what I thought.

I hoped this would be a new life. A fresh start.

But the pain followed. I'm certain the monsters did, too.

I'm told it's paranoia. Trauma. PTSD.

Nobody believes my truth.

But they'll soon learn. We all will.

Because as much as I want to forget the mantra from my nightmares, it hasn't stopped being true.

The good guys never conquer. Evil always wins.


I fell for the enemy.

A man from the underworld whose actions resembled the devil so closely it was sickening.

But I learned from my mistakes. At least I thought I had.

Until I’m tempted back into his life with a case I can’t refuse.

Cole Torian needs my help. And I’m unable to deny him.

This time I voluntarily put my career on the line.

I risk everything for him and his family of accomplished criminals.

But succumbing to my tormentor comes with more than a personal price.

Everyone will pay for my mistakes with Cole.

And not all will live to tell the tale.

A seductively thrilling romantic suspense box set, destined to leave you breathless.
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