Hypnosis: 17 in 1 Hypnosis Sessions Including Past Life Regression, Overthinking, Anxiety, Phobias, and Addiction

Hypnosis: 17 in 1 Hypnosis Sessions Including Past Life Regression, Overthinking, Anxiety, Phobias, and Addiction

Narrated by:
Steven Miles
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
9 hours 21 minutes
Overthinking, Addiction, Phobias and Anxiety are all related to one thing, our emotions.It is our emotions that cause us to overthink and become addicts. Oftentimes, we experience several of the mentioned issues all at once, however the degree to which we do - vary from person to person.

By creating an audiobook that addresses each unique problem in isolation, it becomes easier for you to deal with them. You will come to understand why the troubling emotions are causing you harm and heal your emotional wounds.

The days of pain are over my friend! You simply need to make one final decision right now!

This audibook is part of the longest hypnosis bundle ever created: 'Hypnosis Bundle 50h' and inside, you'll find 17 Guided Hypnosis Sessions, each created with your ultimate pleasure in mind. The benefits from the deep relaxation these sessions entail will have you feeling refreshed and energized. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself laughing more and ready to take on each day the second you wake up.

In this audibook you will adress:

- Overthinking
- Emotional Trauma
- Addiction
- Stress
- Anxiety
- Phobias

Don't allow yourself to feel the same pain anymore. Take charge of your life and your unique situation.

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Profile Avatar
Katty B.

Love the affirmations within. They are great and I can feel the power of hypnosis!

Profile Avatar
Mildred H.

I enter a relaxed state after only 5 minutes into each session.

Profile Avatar
Stacey M.

Great Audiobook that deserves praise

Profile Avatar
Chellsea W.

Really liked this!

Profile Avatar
Hayley S.

Liked the sessions.

Profile Avatar
Bell W.

A bit out of the ordinary. Contains a lot of alternative sessions, that I haven’t found anywhere else. For example against addiction, phobia etc. Like it a lot as it has helped my whole family get over a traumatic experience.

Profile Avatar
Hanna A.

Great hypnosis book.

Profile Avatar
Ava J.

The Narrator's voice is perfect which makes a big difference when listening to audiobooks. This one is perfect for bedtime, and I drift off to sleepy land every time I listen to it in Bed. It also helped me with letting go of some the stress that’s been holding me back lately!

Profile Avatar
Linda O.

Very relaxing and nice to listen to. I will definitely listen to this many times over. Simply GREAT. Helped me a lot with my overthinking and anxiety.

Profile Avatar
Kate A.

Never tried this type of guided past life regression hypnosis before. I must say that I found it very interesting, making me explore my past in a nice way. Every time I listen I feel a sense of joy afterward! I also liked the Anxiety, and Overthinking hypnosis sessions. Great Hypnosis Bundle!

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