Imperial March: A Cultivation Short Story

Imperial March: A Cultivation Short Story

Written by:
Tao Wong
Narrated by:
Travis Baldree
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2021
0 hours 28 minutes
The march to the throne is littered with the bodies of the great and small in equal measure

Born an Imperial Prince, Qu Yuan always knew his options were to strive for the throne or escape. When he’s forced to put his escape plan into action too early, he’s forced out of the imperial palace into the countryside where the war for the throne rages.

Walking blood-soaked fields and burnt out villages, Qu Yuan will be forced to ask a simple question.

Is his search for immortality more important than the lives of his kingdom?

This is a short story set in the A Thousand Li universe. Does not need to be read to follow the main series.
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