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Imperial Smuggler

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2023
12 hours 50 minutes
The guilty flee, but everyone pursues.

Escaped Imperial officer Dirk doesn't care his crew are runaways, revolutionaries, and alleged criminals, as long as they're adequately competent and don't kill each other too often. When a smuggling job goes badly wrong and they improvise, he'll trade competency for just non-suicidal. If one crime causes problems, a second should fix it.

But after a botched heist lands them in the freezing woods of a frozen planet, they need a new plan. What's in those containers they stole? Who wants it that bad? How can they make money out of this? And what if his crew isn't as trustworthy as he thought? And why doesn't that dog like him?

If you like Galactic Empires, honorable enemies, and snappy dialog, this one's for you.
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