Written By: Danielle Steel

Narrated By: David Garrison

Date: March 2005

Duration: 9 hours 27 minutes


When a high-powered gallery owner collides with a wildly offbeat artist, it’s the perfect recipe for disaster. But in her 63rd bestselling novel, Danielle Steel proves that when two hopelessly mismatched people share a love for art, a passion for each other, and a city like Paris, nothing is truly impossible…or is it?

Everything Sasha does is within the boundaries of tradition. Liam is sockless in December. Sasha is widowed, a woman who knows she was lucky enough to be married to the most wonderful man in the world and thankful for every moment they had. Liam is half in and half out of a marriage that only a “wacky” artist could manage, and that his own impossibly impulsive behavior has helped tear apart. But while Sasha has been methodically building her father’s Parisian art gallery into an intercontinental success story, Liam has been growing into one of the most original and striking young painters of his time. So while the two are utterly unalike–and a nine-year age difference stares them squarely in the face–the miracle of art brings them crashing together. Now the question is, can Sasha guard her reputation while juggling a secret, somewhat scandalous relationship? And how can Liam, who lives for the moment, put up with a woman who insists on having things her own way, in her own style, and at her own time?

For Sasha, it’s a matter of keeping Liam hidden from her grown children and well-heeled clientele as she commutes between New York and Paris and two thriving galleries. For Liam, it’s about creating chaos out of order, bringing out the wild streak that Sasha barely knows she has, of choosing pizza over foie gras, and making love when others are busy making money. That is, until a family tragedy suddenly alters Liam’s life–and forces a choice and a sacrifice that neither one of them could have expected. But from the snow falling on the Tuileries to the joy of eating ice cream by candlelight, the artist and the art dealer have tasted perfection. And giving up now might just be the most impossible thing of all.

With unerring insight into the hearts of men and women– and into the soul of the artist –Danielle Steel takes us into a world of glamour and genius, priceless art and dazzling creativity. From the luxurious galleries of Europe to the endless beaches of the Hamptons, ImPossible weaves an extraordinary tale of love and compromise, of taking chances and counting blessings. With brilliant color and breathtaking emotion, Danielle Steel has written her most compelling novel to date.


  • Pam Black

    This is the first book I have read in a long time from Danielle Steel. I liked the way that Sasha had to learn to love again and trust her heart. Sasha is more patient than I would have been with Liam, but through it I believe that she followed her heart, life is all about timing, and the ability to feel young again. I recommend this book to all who have been in impossible situations.

  • Charlotte Williams

    I found this book interesting but very annoying and redundant with the constant breaking up. The reiteration of "impossible" was also mind boggling. Although I basicly enjoyed it, I would not want another listen along these lines.

  • Jill

    very mills and boon boy meets girl etc a bit disappointing not as good as her first books.

  • Angela Jones

    This was an okay way to pass time. The story seemed to go on and on with the romantic battle. On again off again relationship, same argument over and over.

  • Diane Isbell

    I truly thought that this was a very romanic book, it kept you interested and wanting to hear more. I would definitely recommend this book. It had a romance with hint of intrigue. Very good book.

  • Mindy

    We started listening to the first disc at 10pm and stayed up all night listening to the book. It was one of the best Danielle Steele stories we have ever heard. Liam is the perfect example of Peter Pan. Excellent! You won't be able to shut it off.

  • Anonymous

    I am not sure what was more annoying. The traffic to and from work or this audiobook!

  • Anonymous

    This is without a doubt the worst book I've ever "read". At least 40% of the book is "Yes you can" and "No I can't" and you find yourself compelled to fast forward to the end.

  • Kathryn Hooper

    This was so bad it was "impossilbe" to finish. The constant up and down of this romance was "impossible" and never ending so I quit listening. I hadn't read a Danielle Steel in quite a while and had forgotten they are all about how tough life can be for rich people. Unless you're a fan, save your picks for a better book.

  • Anonymous

    This is the first and LAST Danielle Steel I will ever read and/or listen to. Sometimes I like light, entertaining and engaging fiction - but this is poorly written, inconsistent internal themes. I couldn't get through it.


by Danielle Steel

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Impossible, Danielle Steel
Impossible, Danielle Steel
This title is due for release on March 1, 2005.

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Impossible, Danielle Steel
This title is due for release on March 1, 2005
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Impossible, Danielle Steel
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Impossible, Danielle Steel

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