Release Date
February 2023
3 hours 37 minutes
A gripping psychological BBC drama series about a probation officer who uncovers an abuse scandal

When the body of 17-year-old Jackie Shaw is found in a shallow grave, it sends shockwaves through her small West Yorkshire community. Rumours of murder and systematic sexual abuse are rife, and the town's MP, Samuel Stokes, is adding fuel to the fire with his campaign against a so-called 'Asian grooming gang'.

Probation officer Rachel Collier deals with paedophiles on a daily basis: so when she hears that her teenage daughter, Chloe, has become friendly with 24-year-old Tariq, she's concerned where it might lead. But that's not her only worry: she's also struggling to deal with her husband's adultery, her feelings for her Catholic priest, Father Fitzgerald, and her new client, Peter, a sex offender whose victim was Jackie's best friend.

Then three local men, the Jamali brothers, are arrested for murder. The police are confident that the gang's ringleaders are behind bars - but Peter insists that the trio are innocent, and the real perpetrators are being protected. As Rachel investigates what seems to be an establishment cover-up, she places herself and her family in danger - and discovers that nothing, and no-one, is what they seem...

Written by award-winning dramatist Christopher Reason, this intriguing thriller stars Rosie Cavaliero as Rachel, with a star cast including Shaun Dooley, Shannon Flynn and Sacha Dhawan.

Production credits
Written by Christopher Reason
Directed by Sasha Yevtushenko

Rachel - Rosie Cavaliero
Paul - Shaun Dooley
Chloe - Shannon Flynn
Peter - Nicholas Murchie
Father Fitzgerald - Finlay Robertson
Leo - Martin Savage
Stokes - John Dougall
Mrs Monroe/Samantha - Karen Bartke
DJ - Catriona McFarlane
Reporters - John Bowler & Alison Belbin
Tariq - Sacha Dhawan
Lydia - Elizabeth Berrington
Bishop - John Bowler
Moz - Jayson Benovichi-Dicken
Nikki - Katherine Rose Morley
Newsreaders - Alison Belbin, Catriona McFarlane, John Bowler & Karen Bartke
Waiter - Gavi Singh Chera

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 23 February-23 March 2017

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