Indigo: Storm

Indigo: Storm

Written by:
Adrian J. Smith
Narrated by:
Quinn Riley
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2024
7 hours 0 minutes
In the heart of a storm, Violet is struck by love.

Violet's passion is storm chasing, but she spends most of her year teaching students at the local college all about the science behind the weather. As another storm season begins, her star student, Lando, is invited along by Violet's team member Diane. Violet, however, is determined that this is the year she will finally let Diane know how she feels.

Lando hasn't had the easiest life growing up, and as the semester comes to an end with the death of her grandmother, the loss of financial support, her last hope is an internship for storm chasing. Without it, she has no opportunities for the career of her dreams. When Diane offers her a position on her team, Lando jumps without asking questions. What she doesn't expect is for the teacher she has admired for the last two years to suddenly hate her, the team to be dysfunctional, and the dream to turn into a nightmare.

With their futures hanging by a thread, both Lando and Violet must find the eye of the tornado.
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