Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
9 hours 5 minutes
Our pasts were a part of us. Definitively. Irrevocably. Mine hijacked my dreams every night, drowning me in guilt and staining my hands red.

It wasn't just a part of me, it stole a piece of me-the piece that stopped me from letting people get too close. And I'd become pretty damn good at playing the untouchable asshole card just to keep them away. But apparently, Dakota Samuels didn't get that memo.

From the moment she accidentally walked in on me naked, she began to demolish any and every wall I'd ever built. She was sexy and tenacious.

And I was addicted to the way she looked at me. To the way she fought for me. To the way her body felt beneath mine.

We were both done with running from the demons of our pasts. They were going to find us. They were going to try and destroy us. And they may have won before, but like hell I was going to let them take her from me too.

Because if they tried, this time the blood I saw in my dreams would be theirs.

Contains mature themes.
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