Is It Love? Carter Corp. Colin

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
12 hours 37 minutes
Hacker by day, musician by night … How not to succumb to Colin Spencer?

Juliet Hall works on the forty-second floor of Carter Corp. She likes her job as a communications officer, but she has always dreamed of becoming a pianist. So, when the opportunity to join the Nightmareden arises, she does not hesitate for a
moment. Even the singer and leader of the group, the odious—and terribly sexy—Colin Spencer, fails to dissuade her. He is intractable: no false notes are tolerated, and he does not hesitate to let the pianist know. However, from rehearsal to
rehearsal, she glimpses a sensitive side, a fragility, which moves her. Juliet constantly oscillates between hatred and lust for him.

She decides to get to know him better, is interested in him, in his job … maybe a little too much. She discovers that the musician and IT manager of Carter Corp. is also a genius hacker, and the files he works on are top secret.

The young woman is determined to decipher the Colin enigma, a task that will prove much more difficult than she imagined.
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