The Island Of Doctor Moreau (Version 2)

Written by:
H.G. Wells
Narrated by:
Bob Neufeld

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2017
4 hours 54 minutes
In this classsic of H. G. Wells, Edward Prendick is shipwrecked on a beautiful island in the South Seas and is drawn into the wild and cruel world of Doctor Moreau, who aspires to play God with animals. Summary by Bob Neufeld
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Ethan K.

A thought-provoking H.G. Wells classic, read by a wonderful narrator. What more can you ask for?

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Judith D.

A typically HGW novel, full of fantastical things that are just close enough to reality as to be believable yet still odd enough to be impossible to believe. The narrator has an amazing voice, ideal for the character of Dr Moreau (but perhaps a little lacking in differentiation between characters at times) and easy to listen too. Well written, well read.

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Chris L.

The narration was very good, I always enjoy Bob Neufeld's reading. The story, however, was awful, very weak. I've moderately enjoyed a couple of HG Wells's books, they're interesting from the point of view of being rather quaint, antiquated precursors of modern sci-fi - and there was an interesting question perused in this book, but, sorry to say, the sort of book a 14 year old might write. I wouldn't have finished it if it hadn't been so short.

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Very good. Nice to have only one reader.

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I felt the narrator was telling his own story and not reading a book 10/10 for me. The story was good only 8/10 though looking forward to some more.

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Anne B.

Excellent reader, version 2 is far superior to version 1

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Kathleen L.


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Good reader. Rather disgusting book.

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Jason C

Great book, great narrator.

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Andrea O

Wonderfully creepy! I also enjoyed the way the narrator spoke. And what's more it was a nice short listen.

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Miranda P

This is a classic that I was thoroughly immersed in and I recommend it to anyone who has 2 days to give to an audiobook ????

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