Islands of Space

Narrated by:
Mark Nelson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2011
7 hours 2 minutes
As Earth's faster-than-light spaceship hung in the void between galaxies, Arcot, Wade, Morey and Fuller could see below them, like a vast shining horizon, the mass of stars that formed their own island universe. Morey worked a moment with his slide rule, then said, "We made good time! Twenty-nine light years in ten seconds! Yet you had it on at only half power...." Arcot pushed the control lever all the way to full power. The ship filled with the strain of flowing energy, and sparks snapped in the air of the control room as they raced at an inconceivable speed through the darkness of intergalactic space. But suddenly, far off to their left and far to their right, they saw two shining ships paralleling their course! They held grimly to the course of the Earth ship, bracketing it like an official guard. The Earth scientists stared at them in wonder. "Lord," muttered Morey, "where can they have come from?" (Summary by from the Gutenberg text)
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Fantastic narration. Story is slow to start with lots of fantasy technical talk so prepare yourself for that. Interesting story and fun dynamic. Not a single female character throughout the book, so take that as you will - very much a boys club kind of story. I would listen to this author’s work again though.

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Dane U.

A very creative adventure, with loads of pseudo-science that has a vague plausibility to it that makes it all the more of a fun story. Mark Nelson is one of Librivox best sci-fi voices. Love his stuff!

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Allen F.

Campbell wrote this book in the van Vogt style. Earth over all. Scientists of hyper brilliance. Testosterone flowing like Niagara Falls. Retrofit a space suit for invisibility, oh, 5 hours at the most. Test out an intergalactic ship, why bother? Aliens? Looks like humans with 2 thumbs. Communication? We'll use a newly learned technique, I just learned from the Venusovians last month. If you are into classic hard old-time SciFi this is perfect.

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John N.

good book and good listen for time spent with to listen to a book

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Tony M.

Good book weird rnding

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Great classic sci fi

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Loren A.

Good old fashioned SiFi

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Great narration of an action scifi.

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Good classic sci fi

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Love some sci-fi! Cool story GREAT narration!

Islands of Space
This title is due for release on January 1, 2011.

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Islands of Space
This title is due for release on January 1, 2011
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Islands of Space
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Islands of Space

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