Jenny and Julie’s BBC Radio Dramas: On Baby Street, and more

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February 2024
18 hours 42 minutes
A collection of comedies and dramas about modern women’s lives and loves, starring Jenny Eclair

Jenny Eclair is one of Britain’s most-loved stand-up comedians, and the first woman to win the Perrier Award at the Edinburgh Fringe. She has written several acclaimed books, including the Sunday Times bestseller Older and Wider: A Survivor's Guide to the Menopause, and appeared on numerous TV and radio shows including Grumpy Old Women and Just a Minute. Collected here are some of her finest radio comedies and dramas, centred around women who are at a turning point in their lives.

On Baby Street introduces us to three neighbours discovering the delights of parenthood. Series 1 sees them preparing for their new arrivals; in Series 2, the babies are born and the fun begins; and in Series 3, the children are toddlers, and their parents’ lives are changing. takes a similar comic look at motherhood, as Cass, a 46-year-old with grown-up kids, finds to her shock that she is pregnant again. Over two series, we follow her as she blogs about being an ‘older’ mum, whilst endeavouring to keep the rest of her family in work and out of trouble. Just Juliette sees talk show host Juliette Johnson trying to balance marriage, motherhood and the media. As the two series unfold, she is on the verge of losing her job, her husband and her mind… And in the four-part comedy Dear Jenny, Dear Julie, two long-time pen pals – a Blackpudlian and an Australian – meet for the first time in London, and paint the town red.

The pitfalls of fame are explored in two standalone dramas: Jason’s Mum, about a single mother with a chart-topping son, and The Andy Warhol Syndrome, in which housewife Carol becomes a reality TV celebrity, but has to deal with the aftermath when the cameras stop rolling. And in two dramatic monologues, In Convenience and He’s Leaving His Wife, Jenny Eclair takes us into the worlds of an unhappy wife preparing to host a dinner party on the worst of all possible days, and a mistress waiting on tenterhooks for her lover to tell his wife that their marriage is over.

Written by Jenny Eclair and Julie Balloo, these witty, intimate comedy dramas boast stellar casts, including All Murray, Frances Barber, Kathy Burke, Kevin Eldon, Claire Skinner, Linda Robson, Emerald O’Hanrahan, Peter Sallis, Helen Lederer, Paul Merton, Nicholas Parsons and Ronni Ancona.

Cast and credits
Written by Jenny Eclair and Julie Balloo

On Baby Street
With Jenny Eclair, Tilly Vosburgh, Keith Allen,Lee Cornes, Caroline Hook, Claire Skinner, Matilda Ziegler, Graham Fellows, Hugh Ross, Frances Barber, Kathy Burke/Linda Robson, Kevin Eldon, Sue Elliot-Nicholls, Eva Stuart, James Sutton, Julie Balloo, Ronni Ancona and Al Murray
Produced by Jane Berthoud and Helen Williams
With Jenny Eclair, Kevin Eldon, Joseph Cohen-Cole, Emerald O'Hanrahan, Felicity Montagu, Philip Fox, Stephen Hogan, Kate Layden, Sean Baker, Christine Kavanagh, Sally Orrock
Directed by Sally Avens

Just Juliette
With Jenny Eclair, Jeff Rawle, James Fleet, Annabel Giles, Jan Goodman, Peter Sallis, Sylvia Syms, Robert Duncan, Jane Whittenshaw, Simon Upson, Jon Culshaw, Julie Balloo, Anthony Best, Martin Hyder and Deborah Stevenson
Produced by Helen Williams and Claire Jones

Dear Jenny, Dear Julie
With Jenny Eclair, Julie Balloo, Helen Lederer, Nicholas Parsons and Paul Merton
Produced by Sioned Wiliam

Jason’s Mum
Starring Linda Robson and Jenny Eclair
Produced by Jane Berthoud

In Convenience
Performed by Jenny Eclair
Directed by Sally Avens

The Andy Warhol Syndrome
With Jenny Eclair, Ewan Bailey, Jan Goodman, Gerard McDermott, Harry Myers and Ronni Ancona
Produced by Liz Webb

He’s Leaving His Wife
Performed by Jenny Eclair
Directed by Mary Peate

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