Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life

Written by:
Wendy Mass
Narrated by:
Andy Paris

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2008
9 hours 9 minutes
Jeremy Fink has big plans for this summer with his best friend Lizzy, a notorious troublemaker (and no, he does not have a secret crush on her). He has everything he needs within a few blocks of his home so he never has to leave his little neighborhood. And this summer, he officially becomes a teenager. A mysterious box engraved with the words THE MEANING OF LIFE: For Jeremy Fink To Open On His 13th Birthday arrives in the mail from Jeremy's long-departed father. The four keys needed to open the box are lost, setting Jeremy and Lizzy off on a quest to find them somewhere in the vastness of New York City. Along the way, they soon discover something about themselves in their search for the keys to the meaning of life. Author Wendy Mass is a recipient of the ALA's Schneider Family Award. She delights young audience with her quirky characters that are easy to relate to. 'Well-written and captivating; the reader gets a chance to discover the meaning of life as well and will not be disappointed.'-Kliatt
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