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Release Date
August 2002
4 hours 30 minutes
Carol Higgins Clark, bestselling author of Fleeced and co-author with Mary Higgins Clark of He Sees You When You're Sleeping, returns in top form in her new Regan Reilly mystery, blending her talent for intriguing locales, eccentric characters, and fast-paced suspense laced with humor.

In Jinxed, smart, saucy sleuth Regan Reilly faces a new challenge—the case of the missing wedding guest. Regan, an L.A.-based private detective, returns to her office after a vacation with her beau, Jack 'no relation' Reilly. Their tour of the wineries in Napa Valley and Santa Barbara County is cut short when Jack has to fly back to New York City, where he is the head of the Major Case Squad of the NYPD. Their last stop had been at Altered States, a run-down winery owned by three siblings who are all former hippies—Lilac, Earl, and Leon Weldon. Not knowing how soon it would be put to use, Regan leaves her business card behind.

Within minutes of being back to work, Regan gets an excited call from Lilac. The Weldon family has been invited to the wedding of ninety-three-year-old Lucretia Standish, a former silent-screen star. Lucretia's maid, Phyllis, clues Lilac in on the fact that Lucretia plans to give the Weldons $2 million each—if they all show up at the wedding. The wedding is two days away, and there is only one problem: Lilac's daughter, Whitney, a.k.a. Freshness, a young actress, has taken off on one of her go-with-the-flow weekends. Whitney is out of touch and goes where the wind blows. If it doesn't blow her back into town by Sunday morning, the Weldon family will be out $8 million.

Regan's job is to find Whitney. But unbeknownst to Regan, there's someone else on the hunt. Lucretia's fiancé, the much younger Edward Fields, has hired an accomplice in crime to locate Whitney and keep her away from the wedding. He wants to say 'I do' to Lucretia and her millions before Whitney can protest. When Edward finds out that Regan Reilly has been hired to find the missing Whitney, he gives the order to get rid of her as well.​

As in her previous novels, Carol Higgins Clark has created a novel that is both exciting and vastly entertaining. As no less a master of suspense than Nelson DeMille has said, 'Clark's writing is elegantly clear and concise, her characters are witty and engaging, and her plots and pacing are perfect.' And in Jinxed, she is at her very considerable best.
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Deb Olson

Highly recommended - with so many twists, turns and unforgettable characters, narrator (and author) Carol Higgins Clark does an excellent job of story-telling and giving voices to all of them. I first read the hard cover, then enjoyed the CD with my mom on long car trips to the hospital in the year before she died - now almost 10 years ago. We both laughed out loud at Lucretia's antics and held our breath as the criminals did their dastardly deeds. I downloaded it for a long car trip this last weekend. It was a real gift to hear it again and brought back great memories of my mom (her name was Carol also). It is one of the best Carol Higgins Clark books (I have them all in hard cover). I really enjoy the way she weaves her mystery with a touch of humor. If you've never read one from this author, this one is in the middle of the series but a great read.

This title is due for release on August 1, 2002.

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This title is due for release on August 1, 2002
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