The Joker

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
10 hours 15 minutes
Kyle James cashed in my V card and then disappeared like I was the finishing act in a magic show.

I vowed to hate my best friend, turn the longing and secret obsession with him into toxic hate and maybe a poorly chosen tattoo. But as the years passed, I let go of any notions I'd ever see him again . . . until he sauntered on campus my senior year as a new transfer student.

All of Rake Forge was obsessed with his inked skin and that darkness that seemed to seep out of every methodical step he took. I wasn't. I knew the boy underneath, and while I wanted to know where he'd been . . . I would never ask.

Until my dad needed a favor. His team required a way in with my ex-best friend, and his contacts. I knew Kyle would see through it . . . but I went anyway.

Suddenly, my world, made of black and white was bleeding color . . . and he was at the center, daring me to trust him. My heart, blind and foolish chose to not only trust but to love him too.

I really should have known better. I was merely a way in for my father, and for the man, I loved . . . I was just a way out.

Contains mature themes.
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