Jonah of the Jove-Run

Jonah of the Jove-Run

Written by:
Ray Bradbury
Narrated by:
Scott Miller
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2022
0 hours 43 minutes
Jonah of the Jove-Run by Ray Bradbury - They hated this little beat-up old guy. Even if his crazy cosmic brain could track a meteor clear across the Galaxy, why did he have to smash the super-sensitive detectors?

Nibley stood in the changing shadows and sounds of Marsport, watching the great supply ship TERRA being entered and left by a number of officials and mechanics. Something had happened. Something was wrong. There were a lot of hard faces and not much talk. There was a bit of swearing and everybody looked up at the night sky of Mars, waiting.

But nobody came to Nibley for his opinion or his help. He stood there, a very old man, with a slack-gummed face and eyes like the little bubbly stalks of crayfish looking up at you from a clear creek. He stood there fully neglected. He stood there and talked to himself.

'They don't want me, or need me,' he said. 'Machines are better, nowadays. Why should they want an old man like me with a taste for Martian liquor? They shouldn't! A machine isn't old and foolish, and doesn't get drunk!'

Way out over the dead sea bottoms, Nibley sensed something moving. Part of himself was suddenly awake and sensitive. His small sharp eyes moved in his withered face. Something inside of his small skull reacted and he shivered. He knew. He knew that what these men were watching and waiting for would never come.

Nibley edged up to one of the astrogators from the TERRA. He touched him on the shoulder. 'Say,' he said. 'I'm busy,' said the astrogator. 'I know,' said Nibley, 'but if you're waiting for that small repair rocket to come through with the extra auxiliary asteroid computator on it, you're wasting your time.'

'Like hell,' said the astrogator, glaring at the old man. 'That repair rocket's got to come through, and quick; we need it. It'll get here.'
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